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The Water Garden House

Architectural Animation and Renderings

The Water Garden House
Location: Kailua, Hawaii

The Design

The Water Garden House is designed as a private getaway retreat. The is a main house is 4,760sf with a nearly 2,000sf basement. The guest house, located just north, is slightly smaller at 3,814sf with a 1,200sf basement. Both residences are composed of three staff line like walls with the spaces that articulate in and out like notes. Designer Stan Wolf say this “blurs the separation from inside and outside”. Along the sunny south of both houses stand structural glass panels that suspened rooms immersed in nature for sensual discovery and relaxation.

The 3D Model created for this project consists of over a billion 3D points, hundreds of textures maps and millions of 3D surfaces. The final architectural animation is created from over 10,000 individual frames. Each frame was rendered at 1080px1920px and compiled together to create movement. The soundtrack for this project was written and recorded by local Hoboken musicians, Eric Yowaiski and Nick Mindos. SEE THE POST