Architectural-Graphic Design Services

Hoboken Architectural and 3D Design

Avalanche Pictures Company is Hoboken NJ’s architectural and 3D design specialist. We focus on presenting your ideas with 3D Models, Renderings, Architectural Visualizations, Animations and more. We can design, animate and build for any project, regardless of size, complexity, or location, all according to your creative vision and ideas.

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  • Architectural Services

    • Architectural drawings, sketches
    • scale renderings, animations, visualizations
    • 3D prints, interactive models
    • 3D fly-thru’s and more
  • Graphic Design

    • Websites, web design, web programming
    • logos, diagrams, maps, branding
    • flyers, menus, business cards, letterheads
    • animated designs, flash websites
  • 3D Modeling

    • Logos, prototypes, homes
    • kitchens, lobbies, office spaces
    • retail, bars, restaurants
    • landscaping, resorts and more!
  • SchoolofDesign_avalanchepictures-ske

    Simple Sketch

    Start with a scaled drawing or existing 2d model.
    1. Before
    2. After

    Model Creation

  • SchoolofDesign_avalanchepictures-ren

    2D Rendering

  • SchoolofDesign_avalanchepictures-ren

    3D Rendering

    • Architectural Renderings

      Architectural renderings and custom build 3D Digital Models of your project will show much more than architectural plans and elevations. 2D and 3D Renderings use higher quality texture maps to match your final finishes. Renderings can also include options like artificial or natural lighting.

    • Animation

      3D animations, architectural visualizations and virtual 3D tours allows our clients to see their project before its built. We specialize in animating: 3D logos, landscapes, future homes, apartment complexes, retail spaces, informational designs and prototypes. We offer many ways to explain your ideas or vision.

    • 3D Models

      3D digital scale models help our clients in many ways from designing homes to prototyping new inventions. 3D Models can be used for future renovations, prototypes, product development, 3D printing, animations, renderings, logos, branding, presentations and much more.

    • Graphics

      When it comes to graphic design we do it all! Websites, logos, branding, brochures, menus, flyers, and so much more!

    • Award Winning Design

      2011-Second place recipient of Unique Photo’s Annual Juried Photography Contest ( We offer services for architectural designing, 3D digital modeling, web and graphic design and much more!

    • Working on a New Idea?

      Avalanche Pictures Company offers design services in product development, architectural design, graphic arts, web design/programming and commercial advertising. We design, brand and create media for TV broadcast, websites, magazines, mobile apps, newspapers, video games and more.

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